///Welcome focus on domestic industry in Government’s new natural gas strategy

Welcome focus on domestic industry in Government’s new natural gas strategy

AAMC response to the Prime Minister announcement to regulate the export of natural gas from July 1 2017.

“The Government’s decision today crucially recognises the importance of our ample gas reserves for building high-end manufacturing,” Chairman of the AAMC, Mr John Pollaers, said today.

“The Federal Government is to be commended for putting an emphasis on gas security and affordability for local domestic consumers, including our industry users who create jobs and add value to our basic resources,” Mr Pollaers said.

“We have long argued that Australia has the gas resources to be a highly competitive location for new global high technology manufacturing, just as the US has seen,” Mr Pollaers said.

“The U.S. shale boom has been a major contributor to a steady growth in manufacturing employment there.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that manufacturing added 646,000 jobs to the economy from February 2010 to May 2014, and manufacturers are continuing to actively recruit to fill another 243,000 positions.

“At the AAMC, we believe Australia’s resources can sustain both a vibrant gas export sector and a competitive domestic supply.

“Ideally, we need to work towards an effective, functioning, and transparent gas market. This will facilitate a true competitive energy advantage for Australia,” Mr Pollaers said.


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