///State Advanced Manufacturing Policies and Programs

State Advanced Manufacturing Policies and Programs

State governments have shown recent interest in policy frameworks to support advanced manufacturing. They are aimed at encouraging existing industry players to adopt a range of attributes to enhance innovation capacity, international competitiveness and use of advanced technologies. AAMC has summarised the field of policies.

All the strategies share a broadly common view on the pool of characteristics that advanced manufacturing draws upon:

  • anticipating market opportunities and customers’ needs, including design integration
  • competing on value, including through developing and commercialising products and processes with significant international competitive advantage
  • having strong leadership, and investing in a highly-skilled workforce
  • being globally-oriented, integrated and connected forward and backward in supply chains
  • utilising leading manufacturing technologies, techniques and data • collaborating with business partners across value chains and with leading researchers.

The state polices acknowledge relevant Commonwealth programs supporting the sector such as the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC), the Innovative Manufacturing Co-operative Research Centre (IMCRC) and CSIRO Manufacturing and attempt to integrate complementary initiatives. However, there is sparse acknowledgement of successful initiatives in other states.

A summary of the specific state policies and supporting initiatives and actions that have been announced in recent years can be accessed here. Download pdf

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