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Stories of doom and gloom ignore countless Australian manufacturers who are not only surviving, but prospering, as they tap new areas of growth and take their innovations to global markets.  Australia’s advanced manufacturers are transformative companies.  They are securing their own futures, creating jobs, and helping to underpin a sustainable Australian economy.

We’re showcasing many of these dynamic companies here: Anatomics, recently involved in world-first surgery which helped save a man’s leg through a titanium heel bone created in a 3D printer; RØDE microphones, an Australian-based designer and manufacturer of world-leading microphones and audio software; Carbon Revolution, producing carbon fibre wheels for the world automotive market; and many more. 


Giving super yachts a smooth ride

The world’s highest earners may not know it, but when they spend over $5,000 an hour for the privilege of using Sydney Harbour-based super yacht Tango they can thank local advanced manufacturer VEEM Ltd. for their smooth ride. Tango, which has hosted such names as Richard Branson, celebrities Katy Perry, Brad [...]


One Atmosphere rises to the occasion

Award-winning innovator One Atmosphere is at the last hurdle after years of working with the Australian Defence Force to create a new, significantly lighter and more effective buoyancy device for helicopters. Described as “floaties for helicopters,” One Atmosphere expects its Pegasus Aircraft Buoyancy System to be certified by required external bodies [...]


Ampcontrol is powering Oz success

While Rio Tinto grabs headlines with its $5.3 billion Oyu Tolgoi mine expansion, one Australian manufacturer is quietly powering this and other billion-dollar mining, infrastructure and renewables projects at home and around the world. From its Hunter and Mackay operations, the Ampcontrol Group manufactures specialised power distribution systems and products, delivering [...]


Keech casts its net wide

It is an exciting time for 83-year old Bendigo-based manufacturer Keech Australia as the firm prepares to flick the switch on its new high tech production line, which incorporates the latest Industry 4.0 sensor and computer programming technology. Built around information sharing and process improvements, Keech, which makes high integrity steel [...]


BlueZone is cool under pressure

The principal challenge faced by Australia’s BlueZone Group as it battles the unforgiving deep ocean is having to depend on slow acoustic feedback from its equipment underwater, a no-go zone for GPS and radio communication. And then, of course, there is the intense water pressure. “It is just like deep space [...]


Swinburne forges new frontiers in advanced manufacturing

Swinburne University of Technology’s groundbreaking collaborations with industry and world-class practical test environments for industry 4.0 have been so successful the team is now busy exporting the model offshore, starting in China’s Shandong Economic Development zone. “We are going to really push this type of approach, this type of strategy of [...]


Durapac exports Oz safety know how

The small and unassuming gold mining town of Elko, Nevada, may just be the start of very big things for Brisbane-based mining equipment manufacturer Durapac. This week, Durapac clinched its first American order from a miner in Elko for its Australian-designed, built and tested Safe D Lock hydraulic jack, which uses [...]



How did this Perth-based, family-owned firm secure the world’s largest miners, aerospace and defence heavyweights as customers?  Faced with a local downturn, Hofmann Engineering expanded into new markets with its precision replacement parts and components, including gearboxes for wind turbines and the world’s largest forged steel ring gear, custom-made for a [...]



Shares in local manufacturer Codan Limited hit three-year highs last week as the company said continued strong demand in Africa for its GPZ 7000 gold detector has exceeded expectations. The ASX-listed communications, metal detection and mining technology firm confirmed that first half profit would be well ahead of a year-ago. This [...]



ANCA Group, the global leader in tool and cutter grinders and the latest new member of the Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council, may just be the greatest industry success you’ve never heard of. “Not a lot of people know a lot about ANCA in Australia. We are one of those quiet achievers,” [...]