Sutton Tools


Sutton Tools technology manager Steve Dowey has a background in mechatronics and SCADA and is determined to integrate the very latest Internet of Things innovation, which, he says, offers great scope for advancement in Australian manufacturing - once a few hurdles are overcome. Dowey experiments with low cost, DIY technology [...]



It might be the smallest room in a new apartment, but the bathroom can pose one of the largest risks to the construction process as any builder knows. An Australian company, the Hickory Group, has found a solution for the construction industry with the help of an Australian expert from [...]



When neurosurgeon Ralph Mobbs began the world-first surgical removal of two cancerous vertebrae, there was a high risk that the patient could die. But thanks to advanced medical device manufacturer, Anatomics, these cancerous vertebrae were successfully replaced with a perfectly designed 3D-printed body part. The 15-hour surgery, which occurred [...]

Gekko Systems


Former stockbroker Elizabeth Lewis-Gray admits it was partly boredom that prompted her to start Gekko Systems, a Victorian-based company that’s now a world leader.



When Professor Graeme Clark defied the naysayers to invent the first cochlear implant in the early `80s, he was set to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.



It may be headquartered in one of the world’s most remote cities - Perth - but Australia’s only publicly listed shipbuilding company has proven itself a global force.

Breseight Group


A groundbreaking system that uses 3D modelling of a patient’s facial bones to help guide surgeons during risky dental implant procedures is set to throw a Sydney manufacturer further into the world spotlight.