///Outsourcing your technology problems event

Outsourcing your technology problems event

The Centre for Transformative Innovation and the Convergence Science Network will host an event at Swinburne University on Monday (July 25) to discuss the strategic advantages of outsourcing your research and development challenges, followed by networking drinks.Budget-Image

The discussion features Dr Alexander Gosling and Associate Professor Kurt Seemann.

Dr Gosling is the Principal of Capstone Partners and was the founding director of Invetech. He was part of the management team that led Invetech firstly to public listing (as Vision Systems Ltd) and then to its acquisition by the US Danaher group for over $800 million.

For nearly 40 years, Dr Gosling has worked in process and product development and related R&D, for clients ranging from high tech start ups to “smoke-stack” industry global companies. This has provided an exceptional base of practical experience on what it takes to progress new technologies to commercial success.

Professor Seemann is Associate Professor, Director – Centre for Design Innovation and his research focus is the relationship between people, technology and the environment as a complex adaptive system. He has won numerous nominations, awards and extensive peer recognition.

Register here or direct enquiries to Mitchell Adams mwadams@swin.edu.au

For more information head to: www.cdiengage.com.au

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