///METS Ignited fires up a plan for global growth

METS Ignited fires up a plan for global growth

New Year 2017 did not only herald  an uptick in Australia’s resources sector, it brought with it a host of initiatives designed to further boost Australia’s mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector.

Tied to the fortunes of the global mining industry, the Australian firms providing specialised products and services to miners have faced both unprecedented challenges and unlimited opportunity.

Story8-Img-01-LgeThe industry-led METS Ignited Growth Centre is assisting them to reach their potential as strong, global competitors.

METS Ignited CEO Ric Gros, speaking with the AAMC this week, said the Growth Centre—an initiative of the Australian Government with support funding from the Queensland Government—is rolling out a strategic roadmap that will help the sector navigate the next 10 years.

“The Sector Competitiveness Plan is focussed on strengthening the global position of the METS sector through collaboration, commercialisation, innovation, global supply chains, and skills and workforce development,” he said.

When it rolled off the press late last year the Sector Competitiveness Plan completed a consultation process with more than 600 leaders from the METS sector, research and mining industry across the country.

Inside is a body of work designed to strengthen global competitive advantage of the Australian METS sector.

“Aligned with our Sector Competitiveness Plan, we are delivering initiatives such as the national Accelerator Program and the METS Ignited Project Fund,” Mr Gros said.

“The Accelerator Program, funded by the Queensland Government Department of State Development as part of their support for the Growth Centre, will deliver a pilot accelerator for METS innovations that are ready to be applied in mining operations,” he said.

“It has emerged from the need to improve the commercialisation rate of mining innovation in Australia and the learnings will be used to inform the operation of further METS-focused accelerators in Australia.”

Work is also underway on the METS Ignited Project Fund. Applications closed in December and are now being considered for dollar-for-dollar matched investment for collaborative, industry-led projects with clear commercialisation applications and scale-up opportunities that address at least one of the key themes in the Sector Competitiveness Plan.

METS Ignited Chair Elizabeth Lewis-Gray said there is a need for much greater collaborative effort across the mining ecosystem.

“Developing ways to assist METS companies, researchers, capital providers and miners to work together more collaboratively towards common goals will result in a step-change in the application of innovation.”

The Sector Competitiveness Plan is available for download from METS Ignited and take the time to sign up as a Network Associate to keep in touch with METS Ignited as we stride into the year ahead.

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