///Huge uptake in cooperative research

Huge uptake in cooperative research

A new idea to encourage collaboration between business and the research community has inspired a flood of applications to AusIndustry’s new Cooperative Research Centre Project (CRC-Ps) initiative.

The CRCs Association reports that a total of 91 applications were received by the closing date of March 17. There was no minimum application amount set for the round, and a maximum of $3 million over 3 years. Applicants must at least match their request from government.

CRC-Ps are a new strategy to support short term, industry-led research. CRC-Ps will be smaller collaborations than a full Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), operating on shorter project timelines, up to three years, and smaller budgets than a CRC.

CRC-Ps were developed by the government in response to the Miles Review handed down last year. David Miles recommended that three rounds be held every year.

CRC-Ps will have simpler governance and administration arrangements than a CRC. Selection criteria for CRC-Ps are available in the CRC Programme Guidelines.


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