///Explore the cyber-physical revolution

Explore the cyber-physical revolution

RMIT is partnering with industry to convene a two part series of industry workshops on Information Driven Manufacturing (iDM) and its disruptive impact on manufacturing processes, products, services and business models.

iDM incorporates initiatives such as Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet, Made in China 2025.  Small and medium sized manufacturers can explore how the Industrial Internet is helping to revolutionise business models, operations and products.mining-tech-awards-1

RMIT is keen to support Australian SME manufacturers in their engagement with iDM, and the workshops will be an opportunity to meet together, collectively share experiences, and identify enablers, opportunities and the challenges ahead for their own iDM journey.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from pioneering Australian SMEs like Matthews, Sutton Tools, ANCA Motion and B&R Enclosures as they share the opportunities and challenges of their iDM journey.

The workshops are scheduled for November 16 at the RMIT Bundoora East Campus and December 7 at the RMIT City Campus and are free of charge.

To explore how iDM is revolutionising business models, manufacturing operations, product & service design and customer relations, click below:

RMIT iDM Industry Workshop series: 1 – Operating your iDM business.

RMIT iDM Industry Workshop series: 2 – Growing your iDM business.



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