///ANCA’s new smart factory

ANCA’s new smart factory

ANCA, the global leader in tool and cutter grinders, is preparing to launch new software allowing its customers to monitor the performance of their machines no matter where they are in the world, and to make data-based decisions on operational improvements.

ANCA designed the software after feedback from customers, said Thomson Mathew, ANCA Software Product Manager.

“They wanted a smart factory concept where machines grind tools all day everyday with minimal intervention and the ability to remotely monitor machines for better intelligence on grinding performance and down-times,” Mr Mathew said.

“Data analytics are the key to improving business processes and our new software suite has been designed to give our customers as much intelligence as possible on their machines performance in a simple to use interface. Gone are the days where customers rely on manual records of machine performance with software that provides factual reports and analytics to enable informed decisions.”

The machine analytics provided by the Management Suite gives companies the ability to produce highly accurate reports on machine usage allowing them to identify waste and increase overall equipment efficiency, Mr Mathew added.

Using the software, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) grinding machines set up to run a long tool batch, perhaps over the weekend, can be monitored by one or more team members using a phone or other device from home. They are immediately alerted if there is a machine down.

This reduces the need for staff on site, lowering costs, and improves productivity compared to an unmanned site.

ANCA’ s soon-to-be-launched software offers the following solutions:

  • Monitors machine and production in real time and delivers up to date information, greatly enhancing visibility and control in manufacturing operations.
  • Reduces costly machine down-time by immediately notifying when a machine has ceased production, with reasons for the stoppage via an email or SMS to the relevant personnel.
  • Provides complete visibility of the machine status and activity from the office PC or from anywhere in the world if the user is logged into the company’s server.

“The new software means that our customers can decide where their time will be best spent; meeting with clients, visiting other sites or even having lunch out of the office in the knowledge that their machines are operating at a premium,” Mr Mathew said.

ANCA, founded in 1974 in Melbourne, has also made a significant investment in its machine shop at Melbourne to build its capabilities in process technology and boost the internal grinding and precision measurement capabilities.

ANCA CNC grinders are used for manufacturing precision cutting tools and components in automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical.

The purchase of a Danobat-Overbeck ID-400 L precision internal grinder provides additional capacity in the manufacture of precision rotary components.

ANCA also purchased a Taylor Hobson Talyrond 585H fully automated roundness/cylindricity measurement and analysis instrument.

“Our customers are demanding tighter and tighter tolerances and this market requirement eventually flows down to the accuracy of the components produced and in turn the accuracy of the machines and processes making those components,” said Mark Patman, Manufacturing Operations Manager at ANCA.

“We have been responding to this by investing in new equipment but also with the right partners that can support us in producing higher accuracy parts.”

ANCA, which has offices in the UK, Germany, China, Thailand, India, Japan, Brazil and the USA, says its continued investment in the best capital equipment in the market demonstrates the company’s commitment to Australian manufacturing.

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