///All-seeing robots set to change the game

All-seeing robots set to change the game

Advanced robots that can see – and anticipate what comes next – could dramatically transform labour-intensive industries, disrupt stagnant markets and become a feature of the modern world.

The future of robotic vision will be under the spotlight when some of Australia’s top researchers in computer vision and robotics come together for a workshop seminar series to be held at six locations around Australia during June and July.

The seminar series, held by the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision (ACRV) and its partner research groups, will discuss and demonstrate the development of robotic systems, and is aimed at industry leaders considering introducing robotics into their businesses. Also on the agenda are the methods that businesses can use to deploy robotics, to make the most of opportunities in different sectors.

The ACRV believes that robotic vision could:

• Enable robots to use their sense of vision as smart co-workers in manufacturing, watching what humans do and anticipating what comes next
• Reinvigorate agriculture productivity through increased production and reduced costs
• Help develop advanced robots that can use their sense of vision as smart co-workers, watching what human workers do and anticipating what comes next
• Transform the building and construction industry
• Analyse images on infrastructure, and provide condition reports on the health of assets
• Enable surgeons to take care of decision-making, while a robotic tool looks after manipulation tasks.

The workshops will run in Geelong, Wollongong, Melbourne, Adelaide, Mackay and Sydney.

A complimentary lunch is provided, and entry is free, but participants must register. Click here for full details.

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