AAMC’s letter to Malcolm Turnbull

///AAMC’s letter to Malcolm Turnbull

AAMC’s letter to Malcolm Turnbull

The AAMC has welcomed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s announcement that he will release a national innovation plan by Christmas.

As reported by the Australian Financial Review on October 2015, the council has written to Mr Turnbull asking that he include a number of features in the plan.

The AAMC has requested that Mr Turnbull include a Singapore-style 10 per cent corporate tax rate for new commitments to advanced manufacturing and “knowledge-rich” industries, redirect five per cent of research funding to the new growth centres and make research grants conditional on dissemination of the resulting intellectual property.

“The AAMC believes the reforms will accelerate Australia’s innovation and competitiveness globally,” wrote chairman John Pollaers and executive director Jennifer Conley in a letter quoted in the AFR.

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