Director of Finance Cook Medical, Asia Pacific

Mark MULLER 2018-01-09T17:34:22+11:00

Mark Muller is Director of Finance for Cook Medical – Asia Pacific, Company Secretary for Cook Medical Australia and is a Director of each Cook Medical company that operates in nine countries within the APAC region.

Mr Muller started with Cook in 2002 as Chief Financial Officer for Cook Medical’s Asia Pacific headquarters in Brisbane, Australia. Prior to this role he accumulated over 25 years of experience in finance, system designs, acquisitions and general management at GWA Group. His last position at GWA Group was Commercial Manager of Caroma Industries, the largest division of the Group.

Throughout his career he has developed expertise and leadership in financial planning, creation of strategic business plans, manufacturing in various industries and computer systems development, all of which are essential functions to support the rapid growth of Cook Medical in the Asia Pacific region.

Mr Muller is a FCPA (Fellow – Certified Practicing Accountant) and has a double Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Information Technology from Queensland University of Technology. He is also a director of the QLD division of Ausbiotech and company secretary for Research Australia.