Senior Vice President, Manufacturing & Logistics Cochlear Limited

Greg BODKIN 2018-01-09T17:29:18+11:00

Greg Bodkin is the Senior Vice President, Manufacturing & Logistics (M&L) for Cochlear Limited.  He is responsible for the Global Supply Chain strategy of Cochlear including the direct management of manufacturing and supply operations of Cochlear Limited’s Sydney and Brisbane operations.

Greg joined Cochlear in 2007 as Head of Supply in the M&L group. He held this role for just under 7 years developing and implementing the company’s planning, sourcing and procurement strategy. He also worked on the team that delivered the Global upgrade of the Oracle ERP systems in 2013. He was appointed Senior Vice President, Manufacturing & Logistics (M&L) in September 2014.

Prior to joining Cochlear in 2007, Greg worked as a lean implementation consultant for the National Australia Bank and held manufacturing and logistics management positions for Weir Minerals Sydney.  Greg was a past President of the Lean Network Australia council in NSW.

Greg holds a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng Hons) in Materials Engineering and a Masters of Commerce (MComm) degree from the University of NSW.