///What will manufacturing in Australia look like?

What will manufacturing in Australia look like?

A successful manufacturing sector will depend on cutting edge research and technology – and a highly skilled, technologically advanced workforce, Advanced Manufacturing Council Chairman, John Pollaers, told a high level business event on February 9.

In a keynote speech to the Chemicals and Plastics Manufacturing Innovation Network (CAPMIN), he said one way to distinguish ‘advanced’ manufacturing is by the rate of technology adoption and creation, and the ability to use that technology to remain competitive and add value.

“That means thinking differently,” he said. “It means, among many other things, thinking collaboratively. It means getting more PhDs into industry and ensuring our world-class research is developed and, crucially, that it is commercialised.

“The market and the competitive landscape is now the world.”

Mr Pollaers commended the CAPMIN partnership, saying “Your Network is well ahead of the game in understanding how vital this is.

“Your work is also helping to power the rest of industry. New materials, new solutions and new applications are enabling manufacturers to remain competitive in a global context, and that is where your greatest impact is.” John Pollaers speaks to Monash event

Launched in June 2015, the Network was established by the industry and research sectors, with the support of the Victorian Government, to create opportunities for PhD students and Australia‘s chemistry sector to work together.  The aim is to develop solutions to real challenges and generate genuine economic benefit for business.

Mr Pollaers described several stellar examples of successful advanced manufacturers – Anatomics, Cochlear, Marand Precision Engineering, Textor Technologies, CSL and Boeing Australia – stressing there were many more.

“What you will note from all of these is that their success has been made possible by science – particularly, in a number of examples, by chemistry.”

The event, in the Green Chemical Futures Building at Monash University, brought together over 100 leaders from business and industry to focus on ‘The Future of Australian Manufacturing.”

Read John Pollaers’ full speech here.

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