///Get serious about speed: AAMC tells Government

Get serious about speed: AAMC tells Government

Government needs to get “serious about speed” in terms of clearing regulatory barriers for business, AAMC Leaders told the head of Innovation and Science Australia at a meeting last week.

CEO of ISA, Dr Charlie Day, addressing the AAMC Leaders in his first 100 days on the job, said ISA’s 2030 strategic plan was due to be released in the final quarter of 2017.

The issue for business is not simply legislative impediments, but “legislative breakdowns”, the AAMC told Dr Day.

One member said:  “And it’s not always the breakdowns, it is the speed.”

“Time is money in business whereas time seems to be free in government.

“A good idea can die when the brakes are applied unnecessarily by government.”

Dr Day told the group the 2030 strategic plan, designed to set out a vision of the innovation, science and research system by 2030, set goals, and outline the actions required to give life to the vision, would be framed around six major challenges:

  1. How can we move our firms closer to the innovative frontier?
  2. How can we move Government closer to the frontier as an exemplar?
  3. How can our education system reverse the decline in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and respond to ever-changing workforce demands?
  4. How will research and industry connect and collaborate?
  5. How will Australia remain open to talent acquisition through immigration, as well as talent development?
  6. What are the investment and infrastructure priorities that will ensure Australia reaches its innovation potential?

Innovation and Science Australia will be engaging with stakeholders across the Australian innovation, science and research system throughout 2017 in developing the 2030 Strategic Plan.

For more information on ISA, click here.

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